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Traipse Tiger Mountain Tigress   
SBT 092413 003
Triple Grand Champion!
2 "Best Cats" at only 8 months old!
Sire:  DGC Junglekatz Max Factor of Traipse
Dam:  CH Traipse Clarices Kiss


TGC Tigress

 Tigress, named after where we all live (Tiger Moutain, Issaquah, WA) -     While Bengals are not related to Tigers in any way, this is my fun way of being sarcastic while giving tribute to the beautiful place where we all live.     You have to admit, it is interesting that I live on Tiger Mtn and breed Bengals :)


This girl is just beautiful with an incredible pattern with horizontal flow....   Thick tail and nice profile and head.    I can hardly wait to see how she develops as a full adult and what kittens she'll be bringing to the world!


At her first show outing as a kitten,  She managed to get 4 finals in the top 5!!!    


She has 11 Finals already and 2 of them were "Best Cats" from Renee Knapp and Laura Cunningham.   


We will be looking forward to Tigress Kittens this Fall :)

Genetic Test Results:

HCM Scan:  SIre normal 2/14

                     Dam normal 7/14

Colorpoint:   C/C - No Snow

PK Def:   N/K -  Does carry for PK Def

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Does Carry Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Dilute:   D/D - No dilute/Blue most likely

Long Hair:   N/N -  No longhair most likely

Tigress in Canada

Sidney, BC - TICA Show - 6/22/14


BEST CAT from Renee Knapp!!

(Video thanks to MaraImage - Dazzledots Bengals)

Pictures & Pedigree of Tigress below:
Ribbons and Awards for Tigress below:
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