TGC Traipse Desdimoto
SBT 031313 049
TICA Triple Grand Champion 



TGC Desdimoto

Desdimoto comes back to Traipse from Chris at Speakeasy.   She has the amazing "wild look" to her face, profile and ears -    She has more of a multicolored fur mix which also looks very wild when you think about the genetics for blending into their surroundings.   

Desdimoto was living in Boston with Chris and Gary Jacobson (Speakeasy Bengals) for the past 4 years.   They showed her to her Triple Grand Champion Title and gave me Tali in return (her daughter with their International Winner "Woody").    I am so excited to have a chance to breed Desdimoto for a few litters to see what comes -   Desdimoto and Sasquatch came from the same line of cats and she is Negative for PRAB and PKDef and doesn't have the Sparrow line has brought in a very loud voice to Sasquatch.

Desdimoto is only 6 generations from her earliest Wild Ancestor so has a bit more of a shy temperament.

Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                                  

Colorpoint/Snow:  C/cs -  Carries for LP Snow

PK Def:    N/N

Agouti:  Ad/Apb - Carries for Charcoal - beleived to be from Phantom a 2nd (different) Charcoal Contributor

Marble:  TaM/Tab

Dilute:  Unknown - not suspected

Long Hair:   Unknown - not suspected


Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  6

Sire:  DGC Chunky Moto    

 Dam:  Kiwi


(Click photo of Moto for his parent page/photos/pedigrees)


Pictures, Pedigree & HCM Scans for Desdimoto below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Desdimoto:   

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