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Traipse Tasha    
SBT 020811 005
Sire:  Millwood Epitimee of Traipse
Dam:  Bosquebengals Buddhaca of Traipse



Tasha is one of my favorite queens here.....    She is producing some of the most beautiful Kittens with Max Factor that I've ever had!



Sleek, tight pelts, incredible density/musculature, supurb patterns and contrast.....  all this with nice head shape and profile.     These kittens tend to be a great combination between Pattern and Type!


Her kittens have gone out to become stars....     Neo/Max Motion tied for Best Bengal Kitten at on Safari 2013.       Batman/Max Velocity won a 5th best Kitten at the TICA ANNUAL with over 500 cats/118 kittens!!     Tasha is the grandmother of Alamo :)


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 2/14

Pictures & Pedigree of Tasha below:
Pictures of past Tasha Kittens below:
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