CH Traipse Sweet and Sassy
CFA:  9203R-02778503 - Champion 10/21/18
TICA:  SBT 012518 017



Sweets is our 2nd Female out of Sasquatch that we are keeping -   I'm watching closely for temperament as there is definitely much more wild DNA in Sasquatch than any of my other Bengals :)     This has it's good points, but for me -   I like breeding for indoor house pet temperaments better than I like the early generation personalities of Bengals.   We hope that Honey (her mom) gave her the best possible personality spiced up with a bit of Sassy -   Thus, the name Sweet & Sassy after her mom and dad.

I also personally prefer the incredibly soft luxurious touch to Honey's Pelt.    It's amazing!    There is only 1 in 4-6 kittens that is getting her pelt when paired with Sasquatch so I'm always on the lookout for it.    I beleive Sweets has it but we need time to confirm :)

Sweets is incredibly dense with muscle -  She has great strength!  She has a very unique outer ring color to her eye that is a deep rich copper color that I hope to bring further into my breeding program.   She as has one of the quickest reactions to toys that I've ever seen -   Just like her father -  Sasquatch!

Sweets's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                           

Colorpoint/Snow:  C/cb - Carries for Snow/Seal Sepia

PK Def:    N/K - Carries for PK Def and will never be bred to another carrier to ensure we don't create the disease.

Agouti:  Ad/Ad

Marble:   Both parents carry

Dilute:  D/D by parentage

Long Hair:   N/N by parentage

PRA -B:  N/K - Carries for PRA B and will never be bred to another carrier to ensure we don't create the disease.

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  8

Sire:  IW SGC Traipse Around with Sasquatch    

 Dam:  RW SGC Traipse Was Stung by Honey Bee "Honey"


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Pictures and Pedigree for Sweets below:
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