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GC BWR NW -Traipse Mr. Moustache of Marimac
TICA:  SBT 120317 012
CFA:  9202R-02748133
CFA Grand Champion 8/18  (GC) 
2018/19 CFA's BEST BENGAL        (BWR - means Breed Winner)!
2018/19 CFA's 15th BEST CAT        (NW means National Winner as one of the Top 25 Cats of the year)!


Sire:  RW QGC Traipse All Maxed Out "Alamo"
Dam:  Traipse Thalia
Stache has been my best friend during the 2018/19 show season ever since he started wowing the CFA Judges.   We have been traveling nearly every weekend to find the best shows for us attend in order to see how high his point score can go!  :)  
Stache has an amazing personality and is a complete treasure to travel with.   We are already seeing this personality and most of his gorgeous pelt traits pass on to his offspring -  
Stache is another step closer to bengal perfection!    
-  Gorgeous/rich colors of Reds, Golds and Espresso
-  Extremely high in Contrast and Clarity
-  An Ombre effect to his Pelt coloring -  Darker on top and then finishing lighter at the belly.
-  Lacquer finish to his coat creating a gloss-like finish
-  Beautiful and unique pattern -  just like his mom and grandfather (Morpheus)
-  Salvador Dali style of a heart that is melting (If you google him, you'll find him posing with a cat that looks like it might be an ALC! :)
-  Incredibly soft Pelt -  Silk Satin!
-  Head smaller in proportion to his body - exactly what we want for our breed.
-  Beautiful eyes
-  Amazingly medium length, Thick tail - Not too much tapering :)
-  Super Sweet -  The CFA Judges tell me that he is always purring when they handle him.
-  Muscular build that can be seen through the sheen of his coat as he moves!
Stache has completed his incredibly successful path for his show career and has been awarded 3 titles and the following achievements:  
1.  First/Only Bengal (as of 5/10/19) to achieve a Grand Champion title in a single show weekend.
2.  Grand Champion (GC), National Winner (NW)
3.  Breed Winner (BWR) 
4.  National Winner (One of the Top 25 Cats of the year -  He is 15th Best Cat)
5.  Highest titled bengal in CFA and Traipse (as of 4/30/20).  
6.  He has the highest point score that any Bengal has achieved - 5,383.35 points for his Top 100 rings of the year.
- Youngest Bengal to Grand at 8 months and 2 days old.
- Highest Scoring Bengal in CFA history at 5,383.35  (Average of 53.83 points for his top 100 ring scores!)

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  2/25/19 & 7/27/20

Dennis Ganoe, Myself and Caitlyn McKenna (Marimac Bengals) at the CFA Annual Banquet -   Dennis was my cheerleader for running Stache this year and always answered my questions about scoring!   Caitlyn was usually left at the cattery at home -  I couldn't have traveled as often and as far as I did without her support here at the cattery.   Thanks to Everyone who helped us reach this goal!
stache_IMG_1373_4x6 (2).jpg
Silk Embroidery Art from Kim Everett-Hir
Gorgeous Silk Thread Embroidered art from Kim Everett-Hirsch and Fred Hirsch for achieving CFA's 1st Best Bengal! (2019)  -  Our first year in Championship.

Genetic Test Results on Stache for Bengal Breeders:


Colorpoint:  C/C - Does not carry for Snow

PK Def:   N/N 

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Carries for Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad by parentage

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute by parentage

Long Hair:   N/N by parentage

PRA B:  N/N -  Clear of this disease

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  8

Note:  As of 7-20-18, Stache had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases as well as various other genetic traits.  Please see his results at the bottom of the page.   Stache is CLEAR of all 40+ diseases!

Dali melting clock.jpg
Salvadore Dali.jpg
Salvador Dali and his famous melting clock (like Stache's melting heart on his right side) -  Also well known for his Moustache and love of wild cats with Big Eyes :)   What a coincidence!
Pictures, Pedigree & HCM Scan Reports for Stache below:
Ribbons and Awards for Stache:
Pictures of Kittens from Stache:
Pictures of Stache when he was a kitten:
HCM Screening & Optimal Selection DNA Results:   Stache is CLEAR of 40+ diseases!
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