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They have almost all healed and their release date can be as soon as 5/18 when they are 10 weeks old.



Dr. Mulligan on Feline Rhinotracheitis 

I hope you will consider these special needs kittens as they all deserve wonderful homes!
The kittens in this section have either been exposed to Feline Rhinotracheitis or caught it.    This is a common disease in cats/kittens and one that we vaccinate for.     In this case, I had given all of these kittens their first vaccination (and 2nd vaccination to a few) before they caught this upper respiratory infection.
I have graded it on a scale of 1 - 5 and expect that the "no symptoms" group of level 1 will not have reoccurances.    Most likely, neither will level 2.    The moderate level of 3 and the few more moderate/severe level of 4 are more at risk for future sneezing, watery eyes etc.     NONE of these kittens became a level 5 with the ulcerated cornea and no scaring of the eye has occured in any of them.    I beleive that this "light" infection was because of the first vaccination that was given.
If the kittens get "stressed", it can trigger a minor re-occurance.     It is possible to spread this to other cats (not dogs or humans) because the vaccination that we give annually is not 100% effective.
Please take a look at the video for more information from an actual Vet and Expert on this disease. 
Update May, 2017:    I have had cases of grade 1's still have reoccurances so my system is proving not to be very accurate.    My clients have told me that they can keep symptoms away by adding in the Lysine that we have suggested.    It was only during times where the cats food was not sprinkled with lysine (in the bag of food) where the eyes were a bit leaky and some sneezing occured.