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This past show year (May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015) was the best year ever for Traipse!!!      We Supremed TWO of our boys -  Morpheus and Big Mac!!!      We also had a friend showing another of our boys in the NE and he was the 4th best Kitten in that region and even got a "Best Kitten" at the tica annual against 100 other amazing kittens (Crash) !!!       Draper was shown as a kitten and all 4 of these cats are going to be given "Regional Winner" awards!   


On Safari was also amazing....   Most Glamorous and Best Rosettes went to Morpheus and Best Adult Male (all colors) went to Big Mac!!!    


All of these cats are starting to produce kittens for us now and this current show year will hoping be as fun and rewarding as this past one.     Thanks to all the judges that likes our Bengals as well as Thanks to the judges that preferred others....     We learn a lot from both opinions and I will continue to try to build a high quality Bengal Cattery with everyones feedback!!!



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