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We ship all over the US, Canada and Internationally.  As a breeder  licensed to be able to ship Bengals internationally, I have experience with shipping kittens to Canada, South Korea, China, Europe, Malaysia and the US.


NOTE:   It is required by law that ALL BENGALS shipped within the US come from a breeder with a USDA License (or actively in pursuit of one).

Shipping Bengals

Shipping bengals across the US, Canada and other International locations is easier than you might think but it does require a breeder to be licensed by the USDA to ship pet kittens.

Traipse Bengals is only 30 minutes from Seattle/SeaTac Airport (SEA) and we frequently use Alaska Airlines (based in Seattle) for transportation of our kittens for many reasons.

- Direct/non-stop flights are common

- Less stress on the kitten with a single     flight, less trama for the kitten

-Experience with them as an airline

US / Canada

US Clients:

- Seattle/Issaquah location - Easy access to the airport - 30 to 45 minutes away

- Air travel options for US:                         $ 575 on Alaska Airlines

$ 575 for all others= Airlines

Includes the cost for air, health certificate and carrier.    I can ship 2 kittens for $ 600 on Alaska Airlines.

-Traipse is  UDSA Licensed for shipping pet kittens/cats within the US.   (Required by law for pet purchase/adoption)

Canadian Clients:

​​​- Air travel options are usually on Air Canada and usually around $475 for air, health certificate and carrier.

- USDA does not require special Health Certificates for Canada - Just the normal one.

- USFW inspection is required for all Canadian (and other international locations) Bengal cats and kittens.  $189 if done during regular business hours.


International Travel and Shipping is available.   I am licensed with the USFW for shipping Bengals out of the US (which is a requirement along with a requirement for inspection and pedigree approval in some entry points).  I have a close working relationship my local NW USFW office and I have never had a single cat refused entry into the US or departure from the US in my region.  I have sent kittens to South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Australia, Europe and Canada.

Travel out of the country can be very time consuming as it requires additional vet visits, paperwork, phone and travel preparation, USDA in Olympia, keeping cats/kittens longer than local and US sales, stress, etc.  I do charge more for these cats and kittens but once we have established our positive experiences with one another, I will gladly discount these extra fees and in some cases cancel them.

Keep in mind that I enjoy working with

Breeders willing and able to show my Best Cats in their countries as it helps my reputation - If you happen to live in a country with easy access to many cat shows, there may be additional price concessions that I'm able to make for you!


NOTE:   In 2016, NSA security rules changed in regards to pet transport without a human companion to travel with them.   All US airlines that I'm aware of will only take pets from members of IPATA  (If travelling alone) - This is an organization that specializes in pet transportation.       I am not a member of IPATA as I don't do enough International Shipping to justify the expense.    In some cases, I may be willing to travel to your country for a few days and bring the kitten(s) with me -  Obviously this can be expensive but can be no more expensive than what the IPATA travel companies will charge.  Please make sure that you've done your research about shipping kittens/cats into your country before deciding to get one from any breeder outside of your own country -     Often, it does not make sense for a Pet Kitten.   (Breeders can easily justify the costs due to the diversity of DNA that it brings into their cattery and country.)

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