RW SGC Traipse Vouvray   
 SBT 051713 022
 TICA Supreme Grand Champion - 2014   (While still only 9 months old!!)

16th Best Cat in the NW - 2014
19th Best Bengal Worldwide! - 2014
Sire:  DGC Junglekatz Max Factor of Traipse
Dam:  RW QGC Traipse Aurora Borealis


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  11/2016

Vouvray is my favorite Brown Spotted girl from the Cybele/Max Factor  Breed Pairing.


She has fabulous Rosette markings, color and contrast (winning the Best Rosette Award in LA 01/14) and lots more....   A ridiculously thick tail, small rounded ears, great head shape/profile...   The list goes on!


Competeing at her first show as an Adult, she managed to get a final while competeing in a class of 14 Adult bengals including Supremes, TGC's and the best bengal kitten so far this year (now an adult).     At her 2nd show, she finaled twice!!!    This was a campaigning show where all the "best cats" are in attendance :)


Her third show she won 9 of the 10 finals given to a Bengal Cat!!!!    Just an amazing result for a gorgeous girl.   She was a TGC at only 8 months old and became a Supreme GC when she was only 9 months old!


She supremed in White Rock, BC with the best cat coming from Karen Stinson and the points coming from Elaine Weitz.   She received 4 "Best Cat's" that day and a total of 12 finals!   WOW -    This is the best any of my cats has done at a single show!  


Thanks to all of the judges who appreciated Vouvray over the past few months showing her while we traipsed around the western part of North America!

Genetic Test Results:


Colorpoint:   C/Cs - Carries Snow - LP

PK Def:   N/N -  Does not carry for PK Def

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Does Carry Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   N/N -  No longhair


Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7

Pictures, Pedigree & HCM Screening for Vouvray below:
Pictures of Awards and Ribbons from Vouvray below: 
Pictures of past Kittens from Vouvray below: 

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