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RW QGC Snopride High on Jazz of Traipse  
SBT 050513 041
RW & Quadruple Grand Champion in 2014

Sire:  Noahspride HiExpectation

Dam:  Cazpurr Jazzy London


We often admire our competitors at the cat shows and sometimes we really connect with one of their cats....  This is how Jazzy came to live with me :)


Jazzy competed against Borealis and Vouvray in Monterey, CA  2/13.     She did better than each of my girls and deserved it!!!      I fell in love with her at that show (and while sharing a room with Margie and Jazzy!)


She has the sumptuous Svelte pelt that is high in contrast, rich in coloring and very very clear.....    Her head is out-of-this-world!!      She has huge eyes that are whited around the edges....      Nice whisker pads, Strong chin and a great head shape.     For her size, she is the most muscular female here -   She's small, but so incredibly strong.    Truly the best combination of "Type" and "Pattern" that I've experienced in a bengal.


I showed Jazzy about a week after her arrival and she earned 1,245 points at the show -  8 Adult bengals were there including Morpheus and Crash.     Jazzy was the Best Bengal at the show!!    Still not a Supreme, but only needs her "Best Cat" now to receive this title.


THANK YOU SO MUCH MARGIE!!!      I can't tell you how much I love this girl.     I'm just thrilled that she's come to live with me and for what she'll able to contribute to my program!      

Jazzy's Genetic Test Results:


Colorpoint:   C/C - No Snow

PK Def:   N/K -  Carries for PK Def

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Does Carry Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   N/N -  No longhair

PRA B:  N/PRA -  Carries for PRA

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  9

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 3/2015

Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Scans for Jazzy below:
Pictures of Awards for Jazzy below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Jazzy below:
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