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RW QGC Traipse All Maxed Out
SBT 12-18-14 031 
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion 10/2015
Only 9 months old! 


While I really didn't need another boy, I just couldn't stop myself from keeping this amazing little man!!


His pattern is scrumptuous!    He has really nice structure and a strong pedigree for what I'm doing with my program.      I feel he is an amazing blend of strong rosettes - highly defined and contrasted (Our standard asks for "Contrast with ground color must be extreme".)     This pattern is the closest I've seen to an actual wild African Leopard!


Alamo is already a QGC and now we just need our "Best Cat" and another 800 points for him to "finish" as a Supreme.   


Alamo came to Europe with me for On Safari Europe 2015 in the Netherlands (thanks for Cats and Tulips for putting on such a well run show with lots of fun exhibitors to meet!).       Alamo impressed the Breeders in the Bengal group as they gave him "Best Adult Spotted Bengal" of the show while also coming in at #10 amongst the judges (out of 29 Amazing Bengal Adults from all over the world)!



Genetic information on Alamo for Bengal Breeders:

           Snow:  C/cs - Carries for Snow/Seal Lynx Point

           PK Def:  N/N -  Not a Carrier (Sire did!)

           Agouti:   Ad/Ad by parentage

           Marble:  TaM/Tab -  Carries for Marble

           Dilute:  D/D - Does not carry Dilute

           Long Hair:   N/N - Does not carry Long hair

           PRB B:  N/N

           Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7



Sire:  DGC Max Factor         

20th Best Shorthaired Cat -  2016 NW Region!

(Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


  Dam:  CH Trinity    

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  7/2/2018

Pictures, Pedigree & Health Documents for Alamo below:
Alamo Show Ribbons and Awards:
Alamo Pictures when he was a Kitten (Lancelot):
Pictures of past Alamo Kittens:
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