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RW QGC Dadaelis Black Dahlia of Traipse    
SBT 030411 027
Regional Winner & Quadruple Grand Champion

Dahlia....  WOW!    I knew I wanted her the moment I met her!    Fabulous profile, longer "length of head", ear set and profile.   Non fading espresso colored rosetting, thick tail, nice personality....   on and on I could go!  One of my faviorite things about her is her "meow" -   She has a beautifully strong and distinct sound and likes to talk (but not too much :)


Dahlia is the 20th best SH cat and now a Regional Winner for the 2012/2013 show year and was the 2nd bengal in the NW region!    Thanks Marilyn for one of my Favorite girls ever!!!!!


February 2014, there was an opportunity to bring Dahlia to another local show in an attempt to get her a "Best Cat" and to Supreme her.     At 3 years old, she still got 5 Finals!!       She has the points for a SGC but probably won't get the "Best Cat" as it takes too much away from my new kittens to show her!  :(    


3 years old and still with perfect coloring and contrast as you see in these photos.   No fading - hormonal, weather, temperature etc.      Just perfect.


Due to a uterus infection, Dahlia had to be spayed in June, 2014 -   Her line will continue through Black Orchid (here), Morning Glory (Acrocatz) and Tula.


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 2/14

Pictures & Pedigree of Black Dahlia below:
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