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QGC Dadaelis Cybeles Heart of Traipse  
SBT 043010 017    DOB:  4-30-10
Quadruple Grand Champion
Sire:  CH Dadaelis Hearts Desire "Raoul"
Dam:  Snopride I've got Rhythm
$900 as a Retiree - Already spayed



Cybele is creating some of the most incredible kittens here!    She is incredibly strong (mistaken for a male if it weren't for the pink card above her enclosure in the judges ring), beautiful and vibrant - and she even has a rosette in the shape of a heart!


She also has "Type" -   I feel she's one of the best "combinations" of Coat/Type that you'll see in a Bengal.    One judge took Cybele out and commented "if I didn't see the pink card on top, I would have thought this was a boy!"     She is strong and muscular.      Her coat is the super tight pelt that comes from the ALC ancestor -   Just beautiful and so soft to the touch.


Her kittens here are Vouvray and Borealis.....    Two Regional Winners and a Supreme and Quadruple Grand Champion!


Cybele is quite shy and can be hard to find in the house but her kittens have been fun and friendly so it looks like a socialization issue rather than a genetic trait.

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 2/14

Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Scans for Cybele below:
Show Ribbons for Cybele below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Cybele below:
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