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Jungletrax Obsidian Onyx of Traipse
SBT 082013 072  - Charcoal Bengal
Pet Price:  $ 400 (including Spay)
On hold for Eva until 9/7/16
Onyx comes from my a cat that i fell in love with a few years ago at the Portland Show -  Obsidian Oasis.   This boy stole my breath away...   He was dark with a face that just looked incredibly wild.     When I found out that he was owned by my friend Anthony, I knew that it was just a matter of time until I brought in a relative -
Onyx is a daughter of this boy as well a Charcoal (One ALC Agouti allele and one Melanistic allele)  She is quite a shy girl but starting to open up a bit....  She has really nice structure, boning weight, build and a marvelous tail!      I really love this girl and I think she'll make an incredible pairing for Chunky Moto (who carries the ALC Agouti allele as well).
Pictures & Pedigree of Onyx below:
Onyx is a more wild bengal....   She will require a home that understands the needs of a cat that is more "Shy" and doesn't want to be handled often.  
Pictures of past kittens from Onyx below (Still to come!):
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