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ON SAFARI - 2016

On Safari in the US is an annual meeting of many of the best Bengal Breeders in the World.      It changes location every year and this year it was in Spokane, WA!      Traipse showed 4 Adults, 2 Kittens and brought 3 clients along for the Alter Category....    It was a stunning success as EVERY cat that we brought was a winner!     


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)

CH Traipse Chunky Monkey "Mo"

Brown Marble Female - Co-owned with Caitlyn 

SBT 021015 011


Breeders Choice:

Best Ears - Adult


Congress Judges:

8th Best Adult -  Heather Roberts



Caitlyn gets all the credit for choosing to keep this girl!!!      I don't have a huge appreciation for the marbles yet this girl is making me reconsider :)       She is a full Sister to Sasquatch (but older) and is almost ready to breed....


Mo knows how to say her name....   we know it's her when we hear her say "Ma-Oh"!








RW SGC Traipse Mondo Macadamia "Big Mac"

Seal (Snow) Mink Spotted Male

 SBT 121113 021


Breeders Choice:

Best Purrsonality

Best Snow Bengal - Adult



3rd Best Bengal in Congress!   

Weekend Overall - 3rd Best Bengal!!



What can I say about Big Mac other than to say that his my absolute favorite cat in the history of Traipse Bengals!!!      His personality (climbing shoulders, nuzzling into your face and nibbling at your hair!) is just amazing and this is further complemented by his stunning pattern, coat texture and boning/structure.     He's one amazing boy and while he was Best Adult last year (breeders choice), this year he's still the best amongst the Snows!     Great Job Big Mac!!


We call the shoulder and nuzzling "Big Mac Attacks"!

Traipse Around with Sasquatch - Kitten

 Brown Spotted Male Kitten

 SBT 062015 019


Breeders Choice:

Best Kitten

Best Male Kitten

Best Head

Best Ears



2nd Best Kitten in Congress!

2nd Best of the Best on Sunday



Sass is my most amazing kitten -     He's our FIRST contender for an International Winner title and is currently the 12 best kitten (all breeds) in TICA!!!     We've been to 14 shows in 4 months and his kitten career has finished at On Safari in Spokane.      


This boy has it all -  Structure, boning, muscle, ears, head shape, ear shape/set, tail, pattern, coat clarity/softness, rosettes, contrast, eyes....    Yes -  I could go on :)       His personality is just incredible!!!    Always wanting to play and ready to be shown.   He loves it.

CH Bengalivo Secret Clouds of Traipse

Brown Spotted Female 

SBT 061215 029


Breeders Choice:

Most Glamorous


Congress Judges:

8th Best Adult - Jeff Roberts



It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT when I met this girl in the Netherlands at Ivonne's house...   I begged her to let me take her home when I returned from the cat show!!!      I am so lucky to have Ivonne agree and she has been with us since November 2015.


I brought Rain out to On Safari because I think she's an amazing girl...  Not only her pattern, but her profile is nearly straight and not broken like many cats with this style of coat. 








Traispe Salt n Pepper

Seal (Snow) Lynx Point Spotted

Co-Owned with Arlie Cooper

SBT 080515 027


Breeders Choice:

Best Eyes - Kitten


Congress Judges:

6th, 6th and 8th Best Kitten



This girl was so hard to give up to Arlie to raise and show!!!      She looked to be perfection when she was just a baby....     

Pepper has the eyes of her mother - Borealis and the pelt of her father - Morpheus.   Both are RW SGC's so she's hopefully our next show contender!!   








Traipse Milo

Brown Spotted Male



3rd Best Alter - Bengal Congress

2nd Best Bengal Alter - Whole show  


This boy has the most beautiful coat!!  Clear and incredily soft -  Just like his mother Truffle.



Traipse Benali Caesar Kinservik

Brown Spotted Male

 SBT 021015 TBD


Breeders Choice:

Best Alter



2nd Best Alter



This is another full sibling to Sasquatch!    We almost kept this boy here and Steven Cornielle thinks I should have after he judged him!!


Benali is a strong boy with amazing ears and fabulous structure.....      He turned out like we thought he might -   Just gorgeous!


It shows that some of our best kittens go to pet homes

Traipse Princess Zelda

Brown Marbled Female


Breeders Choice:

Best Female Alter



This little girl has such a sleek and supple pelt!!


She was a lot of fun to show and did really well for 

a first time show cat!

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