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Traipse Dreams Big
SBT 081815 070


Mr. Big is a mini-Morpheus!       
He has the same coat/texture/coloring and laquered finish that his father has.     We beleive that he's improved in the following ways:
-His build (13 pounds of solid muscle at only 9 months of age)
-Pattern (more spots than the morphed pattern on Morpheus)
-Ear set and placement
-Tail - Thicker
It's not a long list as Morpheus was "purrfect" in my eyes!!    
We will start showing this boy the beginning of the 2016 show season.   We hope that he likes it and that the judges like him :)
Thanks to Xingguang Jin "Jimmy" for making it possible for Mr. Big to become a breeder at Traipse!!    
Sire:  RW SGC Kanpur Morpheus Dreams of Traipse
Dam:  Dadaelis Sashay Rhythm of Traipse

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  11/2016

Genetic Test Results:

HCM Scan:   Sire - Normal 3/15

                       Dam - Normal 7/15

Colorpoint:   both parents carry

PK Def:   N/N - Negative for PK Def

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Does Carry Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   N/N -  No longhair

PRA B:  N/PRA  - Carrier of PRA Bengal (Working around) Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  9

Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Screening for Mr Big below:
Pictures of Kittens from Mr. Big (coming Summer/Fall 2016):
Pictures of Mr. Big when he was a kitten:
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