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Paintedcats Moose Tracks of Traipse
DOB:  5-13-19


I've wanted to get a cat from James Lubbad for a few years and I guess that it just took "the right kitten" for me to pull the trigger -  Thanks to James for allowing me to get this boy from him.    Moose is named for obvious reasons if you take a look at his 11 month old photos -  It took 2 people to hold him while I took the photos!   Hopefully we will be professional photos done some day after the covid19 issues taper off.
I was so impressed with this boy at 3.5 wks old that I knew he was someone special and would be a wonderful addition to my breeding program.   Initially, I was drawn in by his large circular rosettes that were randomly spread out throughout his body, his incredibly rich color and his extreme contrast.  
After making a commitment to get him, imagine my surprise when I found out that he carries for Charcoal and Dilute(Blue) too !!    I had just neutered Baloo Bear (my Blue boy) and was having fertility issues with Dragos (my charcoal contributor) -    I guess the stars all came into alignment for this boy to come to Traipse.     As if all of this wasn't enough good news, he turns out to be pure for spots.   This boy will never create a marble yet look at those huge spots!!    We most often see this spot design on Bengals who carry marble :)   This breed is so full of fun surprises like this.
Paintedcats CLear Skies.png
Sire:  Paintedcats Clear Skies
Paintedcats Red Star 2.png
Dam:  Paintedcats Red Star
Moose at Tom and Linda's 2020 (2).JPG

Genetic Test Results for Moose:


Colorpoint:  C/C - no Snow

PK Def:   N/N

Marble:  TaM/TaM - Doesn't carry for marble!

Agouti:   Apb/Ad - Carries for Charcoal

Dilute:   D/d - Carries for Dilute (Blues)

Long Hair:   N/N - No long hair


HCM:  SIre has 2 clear screenings, Dam has had one.

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  11

Moose at Tom & Linda's.jpg
Moose may think he's disguised as tree bark in this gorgeous garden, but we see him!   Chito Bandito (new nickname) lays here smiling during his adventure to Tom & Linda's spring 2020.
Moose at Tom & Linda's (2).jpg

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 7/27/20

Pictures, Pedigree & Health information for Moose below:
Pictures of Kittens from Moose (hopefully coming Summer 2020):
Pictures of Moose when he was a kitten:
Moose's (originally known as "Butch") Optimal Selection test -  Free of ALL 40+ diseases!:
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