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Traipse Pisces
Brown Rosetted Female 
DOB:  7-11-20

Aries is another gorgeous girl out of Stache -  He just keeps on making the most beautiful kittens I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

I wanted to keep at least one kitten from Cranberries before she went off to retirement and am thrilled that she gave me this little girl :)






Colorpoint:  Sire is C/C, Dam is C/cs

PK Def:  N/N - Doesn't carry or have this disease

Marble:  Pure for Spots - No Marble

Agouti:  Ad/Ad by Parentage

Dilute:  D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   Sire N/N, Dam unknown (Don't suspect)

PRA Bengal:  N/N by Parentage

# Generations from earliest wild ancestor:  9


Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.   Having additional tests done through a separate lab is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection.


Sire:  2019 CFA's Best Bengal - NW RW GC Traipse Mr. Moustache "STACHE"
Dam:  Traipse Cranberries "CRANBERRIES"


 (Click parent photos to go to their webpages with pics, pedigrees, past litters, health info. etc.)


Adult Pictures & Pedigree of Aries:
Pictures of Kittens from Aries:   (coming Summer 2021)
Pictures of Aries as a kitten:
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