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Brown Spotted Male Bengal
Millwood Epitimee of Traipse    
SBT 091402 004   


Epitimee -    One of my favorite cats and my first stud here at Traipse!     


As a pet owner, I had Epitimees brother/litter mate and then also his son -    I wanted to genetically connect with this line when I decided so start breeding, so after searching various websites and considerings lots of descendants of Epitimee, imagine my surprise when I found the the Epitimee himself might be available to start my breeding program!


I jumped at the chance and Thank Clark Companion for mentoring me and letting me get this amazing cat.     E is now living in lap of luxury with his son Tuin at a pet home :)


Epitimee is page 60 of the Barron's "Bengal Cat" book!    He's pretty famous :)

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 10/10

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 10/11 at 9 years old!!!

Picture Gallery:

The above gallery contains PICTURES, PEDIGREE and other important information about this kitten.

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