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Lifetime Achievement (LA) in 2017!
International Winner (IW) - 2015/16
Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) - 2016/17
Traipse Around with Sasquatch
Brown Spotted Bengal
SBT 062215 039
BEST KITTEN 2015/2016 - NW REGION!!!
2nd Best Bengal & 12th Best Kitten-Worldwide!!
12th Best Kitten WORLDWIDE!  
2 "Best Kittens" in Portland!!   (out of 70)
5 "Best Kittens" in Ohio!!
17  "Best Kittens", 11 "2nd Best", 8 "3rd Best" 
"International Winner" in 2016!!!   7,071 points 


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 5/2016 & 2/26/18

I was so excited with this boy !!!       He is turning into a gorgeous little Mini Moto/Crash with the clarity of pattern of his mother - Jazzy!!!


This may be my technically "Best Kitten" that I've produced so far (according to the TICA Bengal Standard) -     He has it all....      Small rounded ears, huge eyes, clearer coat for a slightly ticked bengal, nice whisker pads and a decent chin.     One of his best traits is the roundedness to the top of his forehead that is not becoming flat all the while keeping the backskull that seems to be disappearing from some of the bengals!     It's an amazing head shape and I hope it continues on the current path of development.   Time will tell.      This boy has the most fun in a show ring that I've ever seen!     Always playing and literally never runs out of energy.



More will come at he develops and I'm excited for him to make his show debut in Europe!!!    Sasquatch finaled in 7 of 8 rings in Austria at his first kitten show!!     4 "Best Kittens" -  2 from a German judge Andreas Kretschmar-Kraiczek and 2 of which were from Steve Cornielle (A French Judge, Bengal Breeder and member of the Bengal Standard Committee),    (Thanks Steve and Andreas!).   Sasquatch was awarded "2nd Best of Best Kitten" for the weekend.   


At "On Safari Europe", Sasquatch received the following awards:

Breeders Choice:

    -Best Kitten Profile

    -Best Kitten Head

    -Best Kitten Eyes

    -Best Kitten Purrsonality!!!



    -7th Best Bengal Kitten - Jay Bangle

    -7th best Bengal Kitten - Pascal Remy

    -9th Best Bengal Kitten -  Judges Overall


He went on to accomplish his greatest feat on Sunday and won BEST BENGAL KITTEN out of 67 kittens shown from Jay Bengal.     She said "What can I say?    He just stole my heart" -   He was just having so much fun!         What an amazing trip!      


7 Best Kittens so far and he's only 5.5 months old!   Currently ranked ninth in the World (once the reports update).    Now the hard part comes..... I've decided to campaign him for an International Winner Award.    I think he might be able to do it, but it means a lot of shows, a lot of travel and the fact that only 1st's - 2nd (and a few 3rds) All Breed kitten placements will count towards this award.     He needs 30 of these!!!      


I currently am planning on showing him in Temple GA, Maumee OH, and finishing off in Spokane WA at On Safari in the US where he will finish his kitten career on that Sunday.     Good Luck SASSY PANTS!!!    (Those of you who have met him, know what I mean)

Sasquatch was invited to train CFA Judges in Vegas on 6/30/16 for the first Bengal Training Session! He was happy to show off his Type, Pattern and Coat!




Sasquatch's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders: 

    Snow:   C/C  Does not carry Snow/Seal

    PK Def:    N/K   (My only male carrier -  I'll work around it :)

    Agouti:   Ad/Ad   - No Charcoal or Melanistics

    Marble:  TaM/Tab   (Carries for Marble - the "Blotched" gene)

    Dilute:  D/D by parentage

    Long Hair:   N/N  by parentage

    PRA -B:  N/PRA -  Carries for Blindness - will not breed with carrier, positive or un-tested female to ensure disease is not created.

    GSD IV:  N/N

    Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7

Note:  As of 7-6-18, Sasquatch had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases as well as various other genetic traits.  Please see his results at the bottom of the page.   (Sasquatch is Clear with only 2 exceptions that I need to work around - PRAB and PKDef -  Both of which we were already aware of)

Sire:  RW TGC Crash             Dam:  RW QGC Jazzy (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Sasquatch at On Safari US 2016 - BEST OF SHOW - BENGAL KITTEN!!  
Regional Awards 2016 -  Best Kitten and 20th Best Adult! 
TICA ANNUAL 2016 - 12th best Kitten - Worldwide!
Lifetime Achievement!   2017

I am so heartbroken because on 7/19/18, Sasquatch lost his battle with FIP.   We will miss him more than anyone can imagine and hope that his legacie will continue in his kittens.


Sasquatch at On Safari Europe 2015
Pictures and Pedigree of Sasquatch:
Awards and Ribbons for Sasquatch below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Sasquatch below:
Pictures Sasquatch as a kitten "oh, so Sassy"!!: 
DNA Screening by Optimal Selection -  7-6-18   Only Carries for 2 of the 40+ diseases: 
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