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RW SGC Traipse up the Drapes
TICA Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion 2015
SBT 072214 021
 Draper is our newest Male Supreme Grand Champion and a REAL sweetheart.
Draper is the 3rd best Bengal in the NW for 2015 and is now a SGC at 12 months of age :)       At OS, Adriana Kajon fell in love with this boy as she described what she saw coming in next few months!    She gave him a 6th best Bengal out of 24 adults!    He is now a Supreme Grand Champion  -  A special Thanks to Elaine Hawsworth-Weitz who gave him another "Best Cat" this past weekend!!!    Thanks Elaine.
He is a special boy that came from a  breeding exchange between myself and another breeder in CA that had a boy that I just fell in love with!!!    We were at quite a few shows together and I was even in Monterey when Jacson acheived his Supreme Grand Champion title.   
This amazing sire and my amazing queen Borealis, created 4 stunning kittens -   3 of which I've held on to.     This is the male.    He lost his Sires marble gene and lost his Dam's PK Def gene so he's perfection just because of those two factors...  Add in the beauty, structure and "draping" personality -  Well -  He is just a LOVE!!!
Draper has a wonderful head structure with rounded forehead (not flat), nice whisker pads, small/rounded ears and a floppy/easy demeanor to being pulled and prodded in the show hall!    (He turned into a draping cat!)   Stunning contrast and an wonderful pattern with no shoulder barring or stripes, is truely beautiful and reminiscent of the leopards of Africa.     He also has a very unique trait to the base of his tail where he has random spots -   This is not a trait that you see very often.
Draper was shown in Portland at 6 months old and with over 72 kittens competeing, he still won 5 finals at that show!!    What a great way to debut :)
Draper's name came from a funny experience I had as a new show exhibitor....       I got in trouble once with Pam Barrett as my kittens used the sheer drapes in my hotel room as a ladder one evening and I had to replace them for the hotel.   I felt horrible, but it worked out to be a great story and gave me a great name for this new boy!    (Thank's to Chris Savoy for his creativeness in suggesting I use it someday)

Genetic information on Draper for Bengal Breeders:

HCM Scan:  Sire - Negative 7/14

                      Dam - Not tested - No reason to suspect

Colorpoint:   C/cs - Carries for Seal/Snow Lynx Point

PK Def:   N/N -  Does not carry for PK Def (Dam does!)

Marble:  TaM/TaM -  Does NOT carry for Marble!

Agouti:   Ad/Ad  (by parentage)

Dilute:  D/D -  Does not carry dilute (by parentage)

Long Hair:   No reason to suspect


GSD IV:  testing

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  8

Note:  As of 7-20-18, Draper had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases as well as various other genetic traits.  Please see his results at the bottom of the page.  Draper is CLEAR of all 40+ diseases!

Pictures & Pedigree of Draper below:
Sire: RW SGC
Purreciouspots Jackson
Dam:  RW QGC
Traipse Aurora Borealis

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  7/27/15

Draper was 22nd Best Cat in 2016!   NW TICA Region

Draper Show Ribbons and Awards:
Pictures of Kittens from Draper:
Pictures of Draper when he was a kitten:
DNA Screening by Optimal Selection -  7-20-18   Only Carries for 2 of the 40+ diseases: 
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