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Traipse Forged in Fire
CFA Champion 9/19


What can I say?     I fell in love with a boy from Stache's first litter!    This guy is one of the sweetest, most human connected personalities that I've met in a bengal -  Just like his dad.
Forge keeps the tradition going with a stunning and soft Pelt -  it's a wonderful trait and since his father can't produce Snow Bengals, we are very excited that Forge can!   Since Forge's dam is a Snow Lynx Point, we know that he carries for this color trait.
I've shown Forge a few times as a kitten and he really enjoyed it and did quite well -  Even getting the 2nd best kitten in April 2019 at a show in Texas.  
Forge came out of CFA's current BEST BENGAL and a NATIONAL WINNER contender (Top 25 cats in the country) for 2019!    His mother is also a Champion and Chammie (the dam) has an incredible high level of contrast for a Lynx Point -  we hope to continue to bring this beautiful trait forward in his offspring.
Sire:  2019 CFA's Best Bengal - NW RW GC Traipse Mr. Moustache "STACHE"
Dam:  CH Traipse Champagne "CHAMMIE"
stache_IMG_1366_12x16 (5).jpg

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  4/8/2019

Genetic Test Results:


Colorpoint:  C/cs - carries for Lynx Point

PK Def:   N/N

Marble:  TaM/Tab -  carries for marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   N/N - No long hair

PRA B:  N/K - Carries for blindness in Bengals -  He will never be bred to a female who also carries for this disease so we will never create the disease in a kitten of his.

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  9

16th Best Kitten NW 2020 (2).JPG
Forge is 16th Best Kitten - NW 2020.jpg
Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Scan for Forge below:
Ribbons and Awards for Forge
Pictures of Kittens from Forge (coming Winter/Spring 2020):
Pictures of Forge (Blinky) when he was a kitten:
Forge's Optimal Selection test -  Free of 40+ diseases!   Only carries for PRA Bengals (Bengal Blindness).  He will never be bred to a female carrier so the disease will never be created here at Traipse:
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