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Traipse Fierce Beauty
Brown Rosette Spotted Female
DOB:  2-6-20
I couldn't be more in love with this Cybele doppleganger born out of her sons Tripp.    This is the first litter from Tripp after his return from Norway in December 2019 -   I'm thrilled to have him back!
This girl has a few things in particular that made me want to keep her at birth:
1.  She looks so much like Cybele that it could be her clone!
2.  She is getting the muscle and body structure of Tripp and Cybele (built more like strong male)
3.  Incredibly rich coloring and contrast.   Gold base coloring that I hope won't grow darker!
4.  Pelt texture that is ideal - incredibly soft, short.
5.  Amazing head structure - rounded top skull, big open eyes, small rounded ears.
6.  Amazing face profile - curved with no flat planes.
7.  Low set/carried Tail - Medium in length and thick -  Ideal!
8.  Similar heart shaped rosette just like Cybele and Tripp (Right side)
9.  Mom is Honey!!   My favorite all time female Bengal.
It's a shame that she was born the same month that the novel coronavirus and covid 19 came to the US!!   No cat shows right now means that she will miss her kitten career and possibly her adult career.  Time will tell.

Sire:  Traipse Thrice Hearted King "TRIPP"

 Dam:  RW SGC - Traipse was Stung by Honey Bee -        aka:  HONEY


 (Click parent photos to go to their webpages with pics, pedigrees, past litters, health info. etc.)






Fierce Beauty's Genetic Infomation for Breeders:

Colorpoint:  Carries cs (Lynx Point)

 PK Def:  N/K (Carries and will never be bred to another cat who carries)

 Agouti:   Ad/Ad by Parentage

 Marble:  Sire and Dam Carry Marble

 Dilute:  D/D by OS

 Long Hair:  N/N by parentage - No Longhair

PRA Bengal:  N/PRA B - (Carries and iwll never be bred to another cat who carries)

# Generations from closest wild ancestor:  8

Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.  Having additional tests done through a separate lab is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection - Most are available for $40- $60.   Also- Please see the parent pages of this kitten for the latest in genetic testing from Optimal Selection that has been done here on all of our Studs and a few of the Queens.   


Fierce Beauty - Book.jpg

This book is the inspiration for Fierce's name.  It's my favorite coffee table/cat book ever!   The photo is also a link to the book on Amazon should you wish one :)


Pictures and Pedigree for Fierce Beauty below:
Pictures of Fierce Beauty kittens below (Hopefully Spring 2021):
Pictures of Fierce Beauty as a kitten (aka: Snoqualmie Falls) below:
Genetic test results for Fierce Beauty by Optimal Selction - Aug. 2020
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