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Kitten Pricing

- $ 1,200 - $ 2,400 for Marbled Kittens

- $  2,400 - $ 3,400 for Rosette Spotted Pet Kittens

- $ 3,500 and up for the Best Rosette Spotted Pet Kittens

- $ 7,500 - $ 10,000+  for Breeder and Highest Show Quality Kittens​


-$500 additional for International Bengals Shipped -  This is due to longer holding times, vet visits, travel planning, import requirements etc.     Some countries will cost more if there is a lengthy requirement for them to stay in the US before shipping.  (Australia for instance)

 I just love the idea of your new kitten having a full time playmate, therefore I offer a 10% discount on a 2nd kitten from Traipse. (Based on the average cost of both kittens).   This can be done at the time of the first kitten or at a later date when/if you decide to bring in a friend for your kitten!

Pricing is set based primarily on the quality of the kitten but other factors like the number of similar style bengals available at the same time and age of the kitten can effect the price. You are welcome to choose a pet quality or show quality Bengal as a pet.  For health reasons, spaying and neutering is not usually done before the pet goes home with you as many vets don't usually do spay/neuters until kittens are 4 -6 months old.  The kitten/cat is micro-chipped for identification and you can register your animals at for no cost (even your other pets!).


Additional Expenses


     - Chipping done for No Charge, Registration is Free at

Spay or Neuter

     - $400 - $475 for Spay/Neuter if requested prior to pick up or shipping.  (please allow 1-2 weeks for full recovery before shipping or picking up)

Transportation costs

        - Free if picked up at Traipse

        - $450 - $550 for US shipping depending on airline (includes Vet Certificate, Carrier, Pad and Flight costs)


               Note:  International shipping can be very costly and varies greatly depending on the location the kitten(s) are going to.  Now the US requires that shippers be IPATA members in order to ship without a person going with the kitten.     It can be less expensive to have me or one of my assistants fly with the kitten internationally.  Please inquire if you are interested, I'm happy to provide serious inquiries with a quote.


     -There are a many expenses that are required for travel to some countries -   Please inquire for more details and copies of previous "additional expenses" reports for past clients to use as examples.


 A few examples of the value of these kittens:

Sometimes it helps people to know that while spending approx. $1,000 on a cat might be expensive, keep in mind that I've paid $2,000 for one of Epitimee's sons before the breeder retired.  He was the best Cat I had ever had and is the reason why I searched for a relative of his to use for my new breeding program.   Who would have thought that I'd be able to get the original Father!!

One of my clients was interested in getting a kitten. He ended up getting a "free" Bengal from a friend and yet still decided to adopt one of my "expensive" kittens as well.  He found out only a few weeks after getting this "free" cat that there were 4 teeth that needed to be extracted along with a fairly significant infection -  The quote to do the work was over $800.

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