DGC Traipse Dust Bunny
SBT 100214 028

Sire:  RW SGC Simplysimes Sno Explorer

Dam:  Junglemist Cashmere Muse of Traipse

Dust Bunny is the result of combining the Cashmere/longhaired trait together with a very "Typey" boy....        I'm working on continuing this direction until I get the ability to consistently produce my "Dream Cashmere" cat -     One that has the strong coloring of Dust Bunny (Golds, Reds and Espresso), the rosette pattern of Alamo (Big open spots like the leopards of Africa) and the long haired trait because I think it's simply beautiful and I love the whispy soft feel to the coat!  


I'm also working on creating Snow Leopard Bengals that more closely resemble the look of the actual wild animal.     In pictures that I've seen, the cold, snowy environment of the mountains has chosen traits like longer fur and tails so that they can curl up and stay warm in this icy climate.    I would like to work towards creating Bengal Cats that look like these examples of inspiration!     Please see my Snow Bengal website for more information.... www.snowleopardbengals.com or click on the white patch of fur in the upper right corner of this webpage.


Cashmere Bengals are not currently an accepted trait in the Bengal breed for TICA but they are accepted by many cat organizations internationally.    We are currently working towards getting our submittal and proposal for this gorgeous trait to be recognized by TICA as well!       Not everyone needs to love the longhaired bengal but we appreciate those people that allow anyone that does love this trait to be able to show and title their cats.       Thanks for everyone's support!      


BTW -  Breeders can easily stay away from the Longhair trait as we are able to genetically test for it.     Not all recessives are "forever" :)

Genetic Test Results:


Colorpoint: C/Cs Carries Lynx Point Snow

PK Def:   N/N - Normal

Marble:   TaM/Tab - Does Carry Marble

Agouti:   Ad/Ad by parentage

Dilute:   D/d - Carries for Blue/Dilute

PRA B:  N/N - Normal

Long Hair:   M4/M4 by parentage/expression

# generations away from earliest wild ancestor:  not calculated yet.  probably 9+

Pictures & Pedigree of Dust Bunny below:
Kittens from Dust Bunny below (Expected Winter 2015/2016):

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