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Traipse Bengals is located in the Southern part of Issaquah, WA in the lush woods of Tiger Mountain - about 10 minutes from Olde Town Issaquah and 30 minutes from the Seatac Airport.     Please call or email me for an appointment or to find out more about getting a Traipse Bengal!


Phone:   206-422-4370






Address:   13310 252nd Ave SE

                   Issaquah, WA 98027

                   By Appointment 


Look for my neighbors white fence post with "13316" on it.   We share the driveway -  come up and I'm the house on the left.   Gold with Brown Trim.    Feel free to park in front of the garages and allow space for someone else to park next to you.    Please call if you need help finding the driveway -  I can often see the cars at the street and can help direct you :)     It's very woodsy up here. 


Please note:  This is my home and I like give lots of individual attention to my clients.     Please give every attempt to meet your appointment times as I'm limited to the number of people I can schedule in a day -   Someone else may have been able to take your time slot.       Thank you for understanding.


Rescheduling is not a problem -    As much advance notice as possible is appreciated  as I often have to turn down appointment requests in order to allow for enough quality time with everyone :)

Disabled?    If you need extra help getting around, please let me know in advance and I can make sure that a parking spot in the back of my home is available to you.    It's the back door, but this  entrance only has 2 steps rather than the multiple stairs that are at the front of my home for the front door entrance.    Drive up the right side of the house for parking in this area.



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