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GRC Speakeasy Tail Blazer of Traipse
SBT 041516 039
TICA Double Grand Champion 04/2017



Tali comes from Chris at Speakeasy and is my "kitten back" from giving her the Dam -  Desdimoto.

I have been waiting for just the right kitten from Desdi and my patience has been rewarded with this STUNNING Wild looking little girl!


Perfect Medium length/thick tail that we crave for our breed.     She has a very wild face with small rounded ears.     Making her even more wild is the primordial pouch that almost hits the ground that comes from her wild ancestors!   (A trait normally only seen in 1st generation bengals)   It's just adorable!


At Tali's 1st show as an Adult, we went to Arcadia, CA where she was awarded the Jean Mill Visionary Award for "Best Adult Bengal Female"!    She also received a 2nd best Kitten (all breeds) from Jeff Roberts as well as a "Best Bengal Head".

Tali continues her show career at On Safari in Ohio and received "Breeders Choice BEST FEMALE BENGAL"!!!!       She was the 4th best bengal for the congress and is now a Grand Champion.    BTW -  Her full brother was "BEST MALE".    Tatyana Kalani gave her two finals and it's now official "Tali loves Taty"!!!      Tali was rolling around on the table while Taty pet and played with her...      What a great way she has with cats!    (And, I might have a new name for a future kitten)

Thank you so much to Chris and Gary for blending in the best of "Woody" with a girl from my cattery -   creating "Tali"    (and Rider -  her full brother living with Sam Kerr at Akerrs Bengals)    This breeding was 7 years in the making for me and probably many more than that for Chris!

Tali's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                                   

Colorpoint/Snow:  C/cs -  Carries for LP Snow

PK Def:    N/K -  She is a carrier  

Agouti:  Ad/Apb - Carries the ALC Charcoal Allele

Marble:   TaM/TaM - Does not carry for marble

Dilute:  Unknown - not suspected

Long Hair:   Unknown - not suspected

PRA -B:  Unknown

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7

Pictures and Pedigree for Tali below:

Sire:  IW SGC "Woody"     

 Dam:  DGC Desdimoto


     (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Pictures of Ribbons and Awards for Tali:  
Pictures of past Kittens from Tali below:   
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