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DGC Junglekatz Max Factor of Traipse    SBT 070510 029 
TICA Double Grand Champion 



Max is now neutered and healing from the surgery.   I like to take 2 -3 weeks after this for the hormones (that cause most of the spraying behavior) to subside.    After this, there is still "fine tuning" that needs to be done once he's away from the Cattery and all these pretty girls.      Max's forever home will need to be one that is understanding and ready of a Retired Stud cat that is recovering from the change in hormones :)


I have found that about 95% of this negative behavior is taken care of by the time we are 2 - 4 weeks away from the Neuter date.    Max is a very friendly, loving boy who deserves an amazing home that will allow him to live out his days relaxing now that all his hard Stud work has come to a close.


Max Factor is just GORGEOUS -    Super dark espresso colored rosetting (that doesn't fade with age) with a red inner coloring and gold base color.     He has a very clear coat (for a Bengal), extreme contrast, great personality and wonderful body!

Max became a Double Grand Champion in October 2012!    

Max's first litters have arrived at Traipse and they are STUNNING!     He's an incredible addition to my breeding program -  Thanks to Bonnie Tanner of Junglekatz for letting met get this boy! 

Max Factor is a:    Brown (Blk) Spotted Bengal -  Gold/Sorrel coloring

                             (Max carries for Seal/Snow Lynx Point color)


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 2/14.    Max passed at 5 years old due to kidney issues.

Pictures & Pedigree of Max Factor below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Max Factor below:
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