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Traipse Crash into me of Speakeasy
Brown Spotted Bengal  
SBT 012714 009
TICA Triple Grand Champion 3/15
Sire: Junglekatz Chunky Moto    Dam: Dadaelis Jacks Sparrow

RW TGC Crash

I was so excited with this boy was born!!!       He is turning into a gorgeous little Mini Moto!!!


Crash was the 4th Best Bengal Kitten in TICA for 2015 as a Kitten!!   


Crash may even be better in few areas than his sire Moto -   The features of his head are just awe inspiring....      it is more elongated (longer than wider like the standard describes)  and yet is not "straight" nor does it have flat planes to the profile or top of the head.      The profile is perfection, the slope and size of the bridge of his nose is stunning!      He's well on his way to matching his sire's "Best Nose Leather" which is nearly a full inch in width!   Crash has very small rounded ears and large/wide set eyes that were apparently larger than his siblings when he was just a month old!      He just melts your heart when you see him.       The icing on the cake is that he's a true sweetheart -   He loves to greet people at the door and is a great personality to show.  


Crash has strong contrast, coloring  and a beautiful wildlike ticked pattern.  

Another interesting tidbit of infromation:    Crash currently (as of 4/14) holds the record for having the highest number of different Asian Leopard Cats in his pedigree.    10 !!       I like to think of him as a "Perfect 10" :)        Does that mean much?      I'm not sure....    It does give him a wider gene pool to take genetics from -  I imagine it's a good thing.     It's certainly fun to talk about.


Crash is also incredibly well built and went on to win 8 finals at each of his first kitten shows while only 4 or 5 months old....   Usually a bengal needs more time to get the dense muscle tone.      Crash had it right away!


Chris (and Gary) Jacobson and I co-owned Crash in the beginning as he lived in Boston with them while he's a kitten.   Now Crash is owned by Iva at Lynxland Bengals and will be going to Europe soon!


Crash's Genotype Information: 


              Snow:   Carries for Seal/Snow Lynx Point (Snow Bengals)

              PK Def:    N/N   (Wondeful since his sire is a carrier!)

              Agouti:   Ad/Ad   - Did not get Moto's ALC Agouti gene :(  

              Marble:  TaM/Tab   (Carries for Marble - the "Blotched" gene)

              Dilute:  Not tested -  No reason to suspect

              Long Hair:   N/N    (He is not a carrier for LH like his sire)


#4 in Bengal Kitten in TICA Worldwide for 2015!!      

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  6/14

Pictures & Pedigree of Crash below:
Awards achieved by Crash:
Pictures of past Kittens from Crash below:
Pictures of Crash as a Kitten below:  
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