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Chili & Stache Kittens - ZE Pedigree Tem
Chili & Stache Kittens - ZE Pedigree Tem

Backside of the Traipse PIcture Pedigree

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stache_IMG_1366_12x16 (5).jpg

Sire:  GC BWR NW - Traipse Mr. Moustache of Marimac - aka:  STACHE     


 Dam:  Traipse Chills at Salish - "Chili"


Brown Spotted Male Kitten
DOB:  3/11/21
Pet Price:  $ 3,800
US Breeder Price: $ TBD
Int'l Breeder Price:  N/A (Covid)
 One Waitlist Client away from being openly available!




Colorpoint:  C/C by parentage

PK Def:  N/N by parentage

Marble:  Sire Carries, Dam does not

Agouti:  Ad/Ad by Parentage

Dilute:  D/D -  No Dilute by parentage

Long Hair:   N/N by parentage

PRA Bengal:  N/N by parentage

# Generations from earliest wild ancestor:  10


Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.   Having additional tests done through a separate lab is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection.



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