Brown Rosette Spotted Female
DOB: 2-19-20
10 weeks old:  4-29-20
12 weeks old:  5-6-20
Pet Price:  $ 4,500
Breeder Price:  + $4,000
Int'l Price:  + $4,500
 On HOLD for Blake S next and then she will be openly available.
Gorgeous, rich coloring looks to be coming in for this kitten!   This is the time of "Fuzzies" where their adult longer hair comes in and blurs their pattern and clarity until they shed the remaining baby coat....   This girl is going to be spectacular.

     Sire:  GC BWR NW - Traipse Mr. Moustache of Marimac - aka:  STACHE     

Dam:  GC - Traipse Up Into the Sky     aka:  SKY


 (Click parent photos to go to their webpages with pics, pedigrees, past litters, health info. etc.)







Colorpoint:  Dam Carries cs (Lynx Point), Sire is C/C

PK Def:   N/N

Marble:  Sire Carries, Dam does not

Agouti:  Ad/Ad by Parentage

Dilute:  D/D by Parentage

Long Hair:  N/N by Parentage

PRA Bengal:  N/N by Parentage

# Generations from closest wild ancestor:  9

Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.   Having additional tests done through a separate lab (VGL) is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection -  most are available for $40 - $60.    Please choose tests early in their age as I can not promise to hold a kitten for you.



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