Traispse Necessary Indulgenece
DOB:  4-16-19
Pet Price: $ 2,400 (includes the cost of his spay that's already been done)
 Openly Available

Indy is one of the SWEETEST boys you could ever meet.   Very affectionate!   He's was also the 8th best kitten in the year of 2020 whioh made him a Regional Winner!   The reason I'm retiring him is that his kittens aren't quite as good as his fathers and I don't need both cats.   It's been a month since his neuter so he's ready to go to his life of luxury and adoration.    He is only a little over 2 years old.



Found his original home!  August 2018

Armond was placed on this website the beginning of July, 2018 so that we could help him find his new forever home through King County Regional Animal Services -  He was recovering from a broken hip and a few other health issues.

I am thrilled to report that on 8/8/18, the original owner called me to let me know that they have been reunited and a very kind craigslist person helped connect this part of my website to her missing Bengal!!    Voila :)    He is now back with his family and I am thrilled to be a helpful contributor to this reunion!