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DOB:  11-2-18 - 1 year & 2 months old.


Pet Price:  $1,400 including Neuter

Breeder Price:  $4,400

Forge is a beautiful Bengal but I've decided to let him go out to a pet home because his dad Stache is my favorite and I just haven't been using Forge enough to justify keeping him.   You have to be an amazing Bengal in order to keep both a father and son because of the need in a cattery for genetic diversity.

So -  He is getting neutered on 1/21/20.   Since Forge has not been an adult for very long, he should grow out of any spraying activity (hormoned adult Bengals) once we remove most of his testosterone by his neuter.   I like to give about 2 weeks here at the cattery after his neuter so that we can get most of his testosterone out of his system.   After this period of time, I suggest that he goes to his new home where the rest of the training will continue -  He needs to be away from the hormonal smell of the females here at the cattery before we will know for sure how good of a house pet he will be.    If you are curious about more informaiton, please give me a call and we can talk about it.    I've re-homed many studs over the past 10 years and there hasn't been a single male that hasn't found a great new home where they have behaved appropriately for an indoor cat :)

Found his original home!  August 2018

Armond was placed on this website the beginning of July, 2018 so that we could help him find his new forever home through King County Regional Animal Services -  He was recovering from a broken hip and a few other health issues.

I am thrilled to report that on 8/8/18, the original owner called me to let me know that they have been reunited and a very kind craigslist person helped connect this part of my website to her missing Bengal!!    Voila :)    He is now back with his family and I am thrilled to be a helpful contributor to this reunion!

Issaquah (Seattle), WA  98027

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