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Sire:  TGC - Traipse Thrice Hearted King - "TRIPP"  


Dam: GC -  Traipse Chills at Salish "CHILI"

Brown Rosette Spotted Male
DOB:  9/17/22
Pet Price:  $ 3,200  
US Breeder Price:  $  
Int'l Breeder Price:  $  N/A (Covid)


Openly Available





 Colorpoint:   C/C by Parentage

 PK Def:  Sire carries

 Agouti:   Ad/Ad by Parentage

 Marble:  Sire carries Marble

 Dilute:  D/D by Parentage - No Dilute

 Long Hair:  N/N by Parentage - No Longhair

PRA Bengal: Sire carries

# Generations from closest wild ancestor:  9


Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.  Having additional tests done through a separate lab is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection - Most are available for $40- $60.   Also- Please see the parent pages of this kitten for the latest in genetic testing from Optimal Selection that has been done here on all of our Studs and a few of the Queens.   


 (Click parent photos to go to their webpages with pics, pedigrees, past litters, health info. etc.)


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