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CH Traipse CloudedLeopards Truffle of Traipse    
SBT 053110 033
​TICA Champion



Truffle is one of my all time favorite cats here....   She has an "edge" to her personality that makes a relationship with her extremely rewarding.     She is very loving and often cuddles with me at night -   She is a unique combination of domestic and wild :)



Just look at the Pattern on Truffle!     It reminds me of a Clouded Leopard....    Her coloring is shades Taupes and Browns with very little gold.


This girl has the softest pelt that I've ever felt in a Bengal -  Truly luxurious!    I also love the length of her body and of her head....     Notice that her Rosette Spots even have spots within -   A trait known to be in the Jaguar family of cats.


Truffle is one of my "Athletes" here and can ricochet off of walls to get over fences!    She's strong, agile and an acrobat :)      She carries for Lynx Point (snow) so she has both Brown and Snow kittens.      Dexter and Frou Frou are from Truffle.     Big Mac is her grandson!

Pictures & Pedigree of Truffle below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Truffle below:
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