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Traipse Epitimees Trinity  
SBT 071113 037
TICA Champion - 3/14
First "Best SH Cat" at just 8 months old!
Sire:  DGC Junglekatz Max Factor
Dam:  Traipse Tasha




 I've been hoping for a female verson of Neo (Maximum Motion)   (Tied for Best Kitten place at On Safari 2013!) and I think I have her!   


I see so much of the good things that her grandfather brought to her line, I wanted to give tribute to Millwood Epitimee for allowing me to create this beauty.    She has stunning contrast for a female and her spot pattern on her back is even more broken up than her brothers.   She has incredible density and muscle is already starting to build... more like a male kitten than a female!    


She made her kitten show debut in December 2014 and received Two Finals from Sharon Khalani - Thanks!      She's competeing this season against two other favorites of mine that are all around the same age...  It's going to be an interesting time as I expect they will all get thier fair share of finals :)


Update:   Debut at her last show in Edmonton, Alberta when she was just 8 months old an she received 5 finals and one of them was a BEST SH CAT!!!!     A nice accomplishment for an 8 month old female -  especially considering that Borealis won 11 finals that weekend as well!

Trinity's Genotype Information:                                   

      Snow:   C/Cs  Carries for Snow/Seal Lynx Point

      PK Def:    N/N   

      Agouti:   Ad/Ad  - No Charcoal or Melanistics

      Marble:  TaM/Tab  -  Carries for Marble

      Dilute:  D/D by parentage

      Long Hair:   Untested -  Not Suspected

      PRA -B:  

      Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 3/2015

Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Scan for Trinity below:
Ribbons and Awards for Trinity below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Trinity below:   
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