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CH Traipse Chunky Monkey   
SBT 021015 011
Sire:  RW TGC Traipse Crash into me of Speakeasy
Dam:  RW QGC Snopride High on Jazz of Traipse


Mo is just adorable -   Just ask Caitlyn (her owner and one of our cattery assistants here) what she thinks!!!   
Mo has an incredible body for a female, large eyes and the smallest ears that we have breeding today (thanks for Moto - her grandfather).    She comes from a highly active line of bengals and is known here at Traipse for the cute Maaaa  Owwww    meow sound that she makes :)   Just adorable!

Mo's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                           

     Snow:   C/C  Does not carry Snow

     PK Def:    N/N  

     Agouti:   Ad/Ad   - No Charcoal or Melanistics

     Marble:  TaM/Tab   (Carries for Marble)

     Dilute:  D/D by parentage

     Long Hair:   N/N  by parentage

     PRA -B:  N/PRA -  Carries for PRA - We will not breed her to another carrier, positive or untested male.

    Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  7

Pictures, Pedigree & Health Documents for Mo below:
On Safari 2016 -  BEST ADULT EARS!
(just like her grandfather did in 2014)
MOTHER OF 2nd BEST BENGAL KITTEN IN TICA!!!  2017 -  Traipse Setting the World on Fire  "Rocky" or "Boom"!!

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  7/2/2018

Pictures of Awards/Titles that Mo has achieved:
Pictures of Kittens from Mo:
Pictures of Mo when she was a kitten:
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