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Traipse Right into my Heart   
SBT 072214 022
Sire:  RW SGC Purreciouspots Jackson
Dam:  RW QGC Traipse Aurora Borealis


Lovey is adorable!!
She is a littermate to one of our best studs - Draper.
She's a gorgeous girl with a very large rosette pattern - she looks so much like her sire!!    Beautiful contrast and clarity of coat.     She Championed at her first show and is moving into breeding  :)

Lovey's Genotype Information:                                   

   Snow:   C/Cs  Carries for Snow/Seal Lynx Point

   PK Def:    N/N

   Agouti:   Ad/Ad   - No Charcoal or Melanistics

   Marble:  TaM/Tab   (Carries for Marble)

   Dilute:  D/D by parentage

   Long Hair:   Untested -  Not Suspected

   PRA -B:  

   Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  8





Pictures & Pedigree for Lovey below:
Awards and Ribbons for Lovey:
Pictures of Kittens from Lovey:
Pictures of Lovey when she was a kitten:
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