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GRC Traipse Lil Bit O Honey
SBT 122116 024
TICA Grand Champion 8/2020




Bitsy is simply amazing....  She is the result of breeding 2 Regional Winners/Supreme Grand Champions together.  She has the incredible, luscious pelt texture of her Dam (Snow Mink Female named Honey) and received this amazing tri-colored coat with incredible clarity, pattern, contrast and design.

Huge eyes that see deep into you when she's laying on the bed upside down stretching and staring at you as if to say "I'm just so happy".     Her personality is easy, loving, cuddly and super sweet.

She was not shown a lot due to a back injury that I had but since she received a "Best Cat" out of all the shorthairs, I know the judges like her as much as I do -    I know she could have gotten a QGC and could have Supremed if I could have shown her more.     

Bits's Genetic Information for Bengal Breeders:                                   

Colorpoint/Snow:  C/cs or C/cb - Carries for Snow

PK Def:  N/N 

Agouti:  Ad/Ad

Marble:   Carries for marble

Dilute:  Dam Carries, Sire does not

Long Hair:   N/N

PRA -B: N/N by Parentage

Generations from closest Wild Ancestor:  9

Sire:  RW SGC Draper     

 Dam:  RW SGC Honey


     (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Pictures and Pedigree for Bitsy below:
Pictures of Ribbons and Awards for Bitsy:  
Pictures of Bitsy as a kitten:   
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