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SHOW NEWS - 2019/2020

This show year is from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.    I am both showing cats as well as meeting and learning more about all of the wonderful CFA Breed Council members in my new position as Bengal Breed Secretary.

In June, 2019 -  Both Caitlyn and I attended the CFA Annual in Verona, NY (by Syracuse).    It was an incredible event where I was able to sit in on a few portions of the Board of Directors meetings as well as attend my first live ballot session where the delegates that attended and participated voted on items in the CFA constitution to pass as well as any changes in the show rules.     It's hard to describe the professionalism of CFA for this event -   It was a work of art to see over 300 Cat Clubs vote on rules important to them.   True democracy in action.     On Saturday night, the Awards Banquet and dinner was done where Stache received his awards and ribbons for "BEST BENGAL" and "15th BEST CAT" for this year!!     The planning and orchestration of this event was done flawlessly!

Then - right near the end of our show year, Covid-19 started and most all cat shows were cancelled.   While there are still a few happening, I just don't feel comfortable risking my health, my cats health, my kittens health and the health of all of my clients who take kittens home with them.    So, for the time being -  I will be staying out of the show halls until we either have a vaccine or a treatment (for humans and animals)


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)


Coco - CFA Grand Champion on 020120.jpg

GC Traipse Coco Noir

aka: COCO


CFA Grand Champion - February 2020!


Coco is the BEST Seal Sepia Bengal that I've ever seen in my life.   She is the first of this color to have been kept for my breeding program.    Coco also combines her striking physical beauty with a sweet and engaging personality.    She's one of my top 3 Females here at Traipse right now (2/23/20).

It only took 4 shows for Coco to grand and many of them had Flame competing as well.  Her younger sister "Traipse J'adore Dior" is a little duplicate of Coco and I've decided to keep her as well :)

She recieved her Grand Champion title in February 2020 and will soon be bred to Stache!

GC, BWR, NW - Traipse Mr Moustache    "STACHE"



- 1st Bengal to get their "Grand" title in a single weekend - Nationaly!

- #1 Bengal in CFA Nationally!  (2018/2019)

- #15 Best Cat in CFA Nationally!  (2018/2019)

- Best Bengal Adult  (Teal)  10/13/19

- 1st BEST BENGAL in CFA EVER!!!  (achieved in 2019)


Stache is my best Male Stud here at Traipse -  He is out of Alamo and Thalia and has replaced his amazing sire as he is one step closer to Bengal Perfection.   He finished his first show year as:


15th BEST CAT 2019 - CFA  (NW)

He has the most amazing, morphed style of rosette spots that you'll ever see on a Bengal.   His coat has a laquered finish to it that just drops peoples jaws when they first see and touch it.   He's the most amazing stud I've ever had to date and is creating incredible kittens!!

Stache has been to over 40 CFA shows as in 2019 and 2020 will be campaigning for the title of "Grand of Distinction".   It's called the "GOD Award" :) 


THANKS for everyone who has been supportive in regards to both Stache and myself!    It has been our absolute pleasure to start CFA Bengals out with a Bang :)

Note:  In 10/19, Stache went to the largest cat show in the US -  The International show in CFA.    This show has over 800 cats in it!    Stache was the Best Bengal Adult in the Purple show!   2nd year in a row!



CFA 15th BEST CAT 2019.JPG
CFA 15th BEST CAT - 2019.JPG

CFA's 15th Best Cat for 2019!


Indy at the CFA International show again


What can I say about this boy that the picutre don't already tell you....   He is not just gorgeous but he really does have it all!   He is one of the silliest, playful and loving male Bengal that I might have ever had.   He just insists that you pet him and even does this with perfect strangers!

He is pure for spots (doesn't carry marble) and also doesn't carry PRAB (like his 1/2 brother Forge does) so -  Now you can see where his name came from :)   

As a 4 month old kitten he was already getting finals but once he hit 5 months old, things really started moving faster!    Now if I can just train him to keep his feet on the ground!!    He's is just hilarious because he wants to be cuddled and pet so much by anyone!  :)

At the largest cat show in the US, he was tied for "Best Bengal Kitten" of the Purple show against 5 other Bengal Kittens :)    He was also 5th best in Agility of the entire show!!   Over 800 cats in attendance.   This boy is so fast and laser focused...  We just need him to get a little bigger and he could be the best Agility cat we've ever had here.

GC Traipse Tempered in Flame

aka: FLAME

CFA:  9203R-02805258

CFA Grand Champion - Jan 2020!

She was shown with her brother for the first show until it was apparent that he was being more well received.   But at the show on 6/22/19 in Longview, Forge was in a bad mood due to the small spaces in the judging rings and when it was only her, she finaled in EVERY RING!    Amazing girl with Clarity of Coat that you don't see often!   True Tri-coloring and rich coloring.

Flame was shown as an adult and received her "Grand Champion" title in January 2020!    It's really hard for females to get this title because of their limited time as an adult for showing before they need to be bred.   So, only the really amazing females can get this high of a title.

Flame's CFA Grand Champion!.jpg

Traipse Forged in Fire

Aka:  "FORGE"


CFA:  9202R-02805267


Forge is just one gorgeous boy!     He and his sister Flame are the first 2 keeper kittens out of Stache (the Best Bengal in CFA this past year).


I showed Forge during the last season as a kitten until he was traumatized by an extremely angry Bengal and ensuing fight at a show in Texas.    He was 2nd best kitten the day before this event but after the sounds of this attack while being stuck in a kennel (while in the ring next door) has made him extremely fearful of going into small spaces.  


So, I'm afraid that Forges show career may be cut short unless we can retrain him and see if we can pull him out of this.   Time will tell.    In the meantime, a good friend Sharon showed in at a few shows and tried her best to get him over his fear because we didn't want this memory of showing to be permanent.   But, it doesn't seem to have worked.   Forge is back here at Traipse as of 6/22/19.    We may try to show him a time or two in the future as an adult to see if this is a permanent emotional scar.   What a shame -  This could have been avoided (in my opinion) with better owner/handler attention and care.



CFA NW -  2nd Best Bengal.jpg

GC Traipse Mini Mac of Impressive aka: Greg

A truely beautiful young man who is owned by my client Gloria in Northern Idaho!   He Granded fairly quickly as he isn't just gorgeous to look and feel, but his boning and structure is marvelous as well :)

Kisses getting 1st in SH from Keiger 011

CFA Grand Champion Traipse Hugs n Kisses


Bonnie and Mike have been showing Kisses at a few of the CFA and TICA shows this year as a new Alter.   Kisses is being very well received!   Congratulations to Kisses, Bonnie and Mike for getting BEST BENGAL & 18th Best Cat in Premiership this year!!(for the Gulf Shore Region in CFA)!    She also gained

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