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SHOW NEWS - 2018/2019

This show year is from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019.    We entered into a new era where CFA (Cat Fanciers of America) has fully accepted Bengals in for Championship Judging!     5/5/18 was the first show in Atlanta, GA (there was one in the NE as well) and I am very excited about this association in regards to all the new friends we will meet, the quality of the shows and the quality of the judging.      It's going to be great to have two associations with slightly different traits/styles of Bengals that they are appreciating -  Personally, I love the differences as I reflect this in my own breeding program.     There is incredibly variety of "beauty" in our Bengal Breed and no one is "wrong" when it comes to the tough choices of who to keep, acquire and show for our own breeding programs.   Bengals are a man made breed meaning it wasn't already established when it started showing.   We are ever evolving in our attempts to create and try to match the look of the incredible variety of Leopard/Jaguar/Ocelot/Margay/Clouded Leopard "Wild Looks" in our World and all of us have different needs in our breeding programs.    (By the way, Wild appearance can have as much to do with pattern, color, contrast, clarity, texture as with the additional phenotype traits of boning/structure)

The most exciting news at the beginning of the year is that Rocky became the 1st Traipse Bengal to ever get "Best Bengal of the Year" in TICA!     This achievement could only have been done with the wonderful work that Chris and Gary Jacobson put into growing this magnificent boy up and for showing him all over the US.    He was the 3rd International Winner of the year (all in a row) for Traipse and helps to show the quality of my diverse program as these 2 winners have different parents!

By the end of this first year fully accepted into CFA, I'm very proud to announce that STACHE acheived "BEST BENGAL" and 15th BEST CAT in CFA this year.    The warm welcome and acceptance of our breed into this organization was amazing as I showed Stache in 14 states -  All by myself :)

Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)

GC Traipse Mr Moustache

Aka:  "Stache"

TICA:  SBT  120317 012

CFA:  9202R-02748133

-1st Bengal to get their "Grand" title in a single weekend - Ntly!

-#1 Bengal in CFA Nationally!  (4/30/19)

-#15 Cat in CFA Nationally!  (4/30/19)




Stache is my best Male Stud here at Traipse -  He is out of Alamo and Thalia and has replaced his amazing sire as one step closer to Bengal Perfection.    He finished the year as:


15th BEST CAT 2019 - CFA

He has the most amazing, morphed style of rosette spots that you'll ever see on a Bengal.   Stache also won "Best Bengal" for the largest CFA show in Cleveland, OH  (Teal - 10/15/18).   He competed against 101 Top Show Cats in the world and 5 times out of 7 rings, he was finaled as one of the Top 9 Cats!   (He was Best Bengals in 7 of the 8 rings).

Stache has been to many CFA shows now and consistently is judged to be among the top cats of the show!    I'm going to continue to show him as I travel around the US meeting other CFA Bengal Breeders and encouraging them to share their voices with the Breed Council and to bring their Bengals to the CFA shows :)




CFA's 15th Best Cat for 2019!


FInaled is all 10 rings!  Ontario, CA 10

CFA Ontario, CA - 10/6 & 10/7, 2018 - Stache received finals in 10 of the 10 rings!    364 points for our amazing boy :)  This show you could really tell that he was posing for the judges - He's become an amazing show cat.

GRC Traipse Up Into the Sky

Aka:  "Sky"

TICA: SBT  091317 060

CFA:  9203R-02738292

CFA Grand Champion on 8/12/18!



Sky is one of my favorite new girls for 2018!    She has it all -   A stunning pattern, a Svelt and incredibly soft Pelt, Contrast to die for and huge nocturnal bengal eyes!

In April 2018, she was the best bengal kitten at the TICA show in Monroe, WA.  In May, 2018, she was the FIRST EVER -  BEST BENGAL KITTEN in CFA at their show just outside of Atlanta, GA!    I couldn't be more excited and proud of this little beauty :)

At her first CFA show as an adult, she received 4 finals and 2 of them were for BEST ALLBREED!   She received her GRAND CHAMPION title in Maryland from Wain Harding and the many other judges/shows prior.


CFA 15th BEST CAT 2019.JPG
CFA 15th BEST CAT - 2019.JPG

CFA Houston July 2018 -  Finals from: Jacqui Bennett, Kathy Black, Rachel Anger & Carolyn Godwin

JJ at 3 mo
JJ at 3 mo

JJ - Traipse Jazzees Jewels of Traipse - Making his kitten debut at the St. Helens Show 10/20/18

Traipse Blu Baloo

Aka:  "Baloo Bear"

CFA:  9204R-02597591

Baloo is now a CFA Champion!     I took him to Atlanta for his first show and while he didn't get any finals, he did love being shown.    Since Baloo is a "Blue" color, he just doesn't have the contrast that some of the competition had.    Also, The flourescent lighting just muddled up his pattern and you couldn't see it well in that light.     I think this is the main reason why he didn't do as well.   There were 12 adult bengals at this 1st CFA show where bengals were judged for Championship so it was hard for all of us to compete against one another!  



RW SGC Traipse Setting the World on Fire

Aka:  "Rocky" or "Boom"

SBT 051516 039

Best Adult Bengal in TICA!!!   2017/18 


I am so happy that Chris and Gary Jacobson have taken Boom home as their next stud -    Boom (Now Rocky) is a total package....   You can't see the muscle on this boy but you can certainly feel it!    It's something that the CFA judges in Porland (11/17) knew right away when they pulled him out of the show cage....  Top that with fabulous boning and head structure and a clarity of pattern that one judge said was "Crisp" -  I hadn't heard that term yet but think it's a great one.


The CFA Judges gave him 2nd best bengal and we were all impressed with their consistency.    Rocky wasn't placed in the top 3 in only 1 ring - 12 beautiful cats came from Boston, North Carolina, Oregon, Issaquah and CA so it was very competitive.     Put it this way -  Not even Sasquatch or Big Mac were placed in the top 3 in a single ring :(     That tells you how good Rocky is.

Rocky was BEST CAT at the Maumee, OH show in Feb. 2018!    There were 25 bengal adults and so many other breeds!    What a fabulous accomplishment.     Rocky is currently the #1 Bengal in the WORLD (as of 3/12/18)

We are working on creating many more stunning boys like this guy who came out of "Mo" and "Draper" -  One of our favorite pairings!


Texas - Dec 2018 -Now a Grand Champion!

CFA Grand Champion Traipse Hugs n Kisses


Dec. 2018, Kisses got her Grand Title!



Bonnie has been showing Kisses at a few of hte CFA and TICA shows this year as a new Alter.    She is being very well received!   Congratulations to Kisses, Bonnie and Mike!

RW SGC Traipse Celestial Comet


BEST Adult Alter in European Shows - May & June, 2018!   12 of out 12 rings finaled in BOTH SHOWS!   "BEST of the BEST" 6/3/18!



Ivonne is now showing Comet in the Alter category and he has started with a smashing entrance!    He was the best Alter at the UK show the first weekend of the show season and finaled in 12 of the 12 rings!     This is a huge accomplishment -   Especially because of the number of entries that are at the European shows.

Comet loves to be adored and shown and we are thrilled that Ivonne is going for his "International Winner" title this current show season!      If she and Comet get this, it will be the 4th year in a row that Traipse has and IW (Top 25 TICA cats in the world!)    As of June, he is currently the TICA #1 Bengal Alter in the WORLD! :)     Great job to both Comet and Ivonne!



RW Traipse Release the Kraken of WFB


2nd Best Kitten in SE Region!   (in only 5 shows!)


Wendy took this boy to only 5 shows and he still got up to #2 Kitten in her region!

This boy comes out of LA Sasquatch and is an amazing balance of Type, Pattern and Personality :)    Congratulations to both of them for this award


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