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SHOW NEWS - 2017/2018

This show year is from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.    We are entering into a new era where CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) is still working on the process of accepting Bengals to their organization!    Sasquatch was only shown 1/2 the year but still became 20th Best Cat and achieved his "Lifetime Achievement" award.     I wasn't able to show as much this show year due to a back injury but I'm healing well and have a few wonderful people who have been willing to show my cats for me!   Thank you:   Caitlyn McKenna, Andres Munt and Nick Lovell!

Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)

RW SGC Traipse Setting the World on Fire

Aka:  "Rocky" or "Boom"

SBT 051516 039

BEST BENGAL in TICA!!!   2017/18 as of 4-30-18


I am so happy that Chris and Gary Jacobson have taken Boom home as their next stud -    Boom (Now Rocky) is a total package....   You can't see the muscle on this boy but you can certainly feel it!    It's something that the CFA judges in Porland (11/17) knew right away when they pulled him out of the show cage....  Top that with fabulous boning and head structure and a clarity of pattern that one judge said was "Crisp" -  I hadn't heard that term yet but think it's a great one.


The CFA Judges gave him 2nd best bengal and we were all impressed with their consistency.    Rocky wasn't placed in the top 3 in only 1 ring - 12 beautiful cats came from Boston, North Carolina, Oregon, Issaquah and CA so it was very competitive.     Put it this way -  Not even Sasquatch or Big Mac were placed in the top 3 in a single ring :(     That tells you how good Rocky is.

Rocky was BEST CAT at the Maumee, OH show in Feb. 2018!    There were 25 bengal adults and so many other breeds!    What a fabulous accomplishment.     Rocky is currently the #1 Bengal in the WORLD (as of 4/30/18) and may be crowned "BEST BENGAL OF THE YEAR"!!!

We are working on creating many more stunning boys like this guy who came out of "Mo" and "Draper" -  One of our favorite pairings!


CH Traipse lil bit o Honey "Bitsy"

SBT 122116 022

TICA Champion in 10/17 


I am so infatuated with BItsy -    She is from my favorite female (Snow Mink Bengal - Honey) and one of my favorite boys - Draper.    What a stunning combination this pair is creating in their kittens!

At Bitsy's first show as an adult, she got a "Best Cat SH" and a "2nd Best Cat AB" -  What a fabulous girl.     Thanks for Caitlyn for showing her while my back was healing :)


Traipse Release the Kraken of WFB


TICA Champion in 10/17 


Kraken is another amazing boy that I decided not to keep as he is a PRA carrier like his father -   Fortunately, Wendy Symmes at Wildfire needed an amazing boy and Kraken fit what she was looking for -  Just look at that profile shape from the tip of his nose all the way back to the backskull -  This is an ALC shape!    Kraken is doing very well showing as a kitten and will be starting his adult show career in March 2018.    His last kitten show, he received 12 Finals!


Traipse Around with Sasquatch 

BEST Kitten - NW

12th BEST Kitten - Worldwide

20th BEST Adult - NW 2016

12th BEST Adult - NW 2017

BEST Bengal - TICA Annual


Head, Ears, profile, nose and eyes -  add to this an incredibly muscled boy and you have Sasquatch -   AKA:   "Sassy" -     He's the whole package and our most well received boy to date!    He is best known for his profile shape that is completely rounded/straight all the way from his nose through to his back skull -  No brow ridge and no dip.    While the Bengal standard was changed from this incredibly hard trait to breed down to a domestic generation to a "slight dip" being OK -   It really is not what most of us bengal breeders desire -  Just look at profile pics on the internet of ALC cats and you'll see that Sasquatch has a perfect profile!

Traipse Calla Lily - Kitten

SBT 031117 041 


Lily is from Alamo and Jazzy (Sasquatch's Dam).    She has wonderful contrast and a beautiful pattern -   She had the doming on her head with no flat spots....  

She will be fun to show as an adult!    Already getting 2nd Best's int he shows!


TGC Traipse Sweet Sassafras

SBT 012516 027

 RW Quadruple Grand Champion in 2017! 

21st best Kitten NW of the year!


Fras is a full sister to Sasquatch so we are hoping for some great things from her!     She now has over 30 finals to her name and is one of the top Bengal Kittens in the world!

She has started her Adult show career and is currently a Triple Grand Champion and headed to Sacramento where we will try to get her Quadruple Grand Champion points (already have the final) and hopefully get the "Best Cat" that will be needed to Supreme


CFA!! in Portland - Nov 2017


Traipse Mondo Macadamia

Seal Mink Spotted Male


We were so excited to bring out Big Mac to the local show here in Issaquah with CFA.    He's an AMAZING example of the 50/50  standard that we are working with for Bengals.

He's a show stopper -   Super Friendly and amazing ambasador for the Breed and his Color Division!

Here is is posing with Caityn (friend and one of my cattery assistants) along with two other "crazy hair color" girls!    Pam Moser in the middle is our NW Regional Director.    This show was so full of friendly exhibitors and interested judges that I wished everyone could have been there to witness the first CFA Bengals shown in the NW!!



Sasquatch was invited to Las Vegas to tattend the CFA Annual!    He was one of the bengals used to train CFA judges in June 2016!!    His combination of "type" with pattern is very unique and something appreciated by my fellow bengal breeder leaders!

Traipse Around with Sasquatch 

TICA - IW RW SGC and "Best NW Kitten" in 2015/2016


Sassy wow'd the judges with his high energy and friendly disposition -   What a cat this boy has grown into!

Sasquatch will be shown enough this year to get antoher RW title to complete his Lifetime Achievement goal but will skip a few shows so that some of our new contenders can have their day in the sun!

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