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SHOW NEWS - 2015/2016

This TICA show year is from May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016.     I have the Bengals in my own program in the top section and then a few of my Client "Traipse Bengals" in the lower sections!   Last year we Championed 14 Bengals, Supremed 2 and had 4 Regional Winners for ourselves and our clients !!!   Hopefully we can do more this show year!


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)


Traipse All Maxed Out "Alamo"

Brown Spotted Male

 SBT 121814 031



This is Max Factors last boy -   While I already have 8 males here, I just couldn't help but want to keep this one too!!!     How can you not???      He is just gorgeous and such a sweet boy too.


He just started showing in May 2015 and received a few finals at the show in Olympia....  He went on in June to get 7 finals at his most recent show!!!     Ellen Crockett finaled him twice mentioning that she normally is not impressed with pattern, but this boy was so impressive that she included him in her finals.


He's now a QGC and is now focused on breeding females.     At ON Safari Europe, he received a "Best Spotted  Adult" award out of 29 bengals!     Wow!

Traipse Around with Sasquatch - Kitten

International WINNER Contender!    6,965 current RW/IW Points!!  :)

 SBT 062015 019



This is an impressive boy....     He's a combination of a very "typey" style of bengal that comes down from Moto/Crash but adds in a much better rosette pattern with much more clarity in his coat.    He looks like he'll have huge eyes, really small/rounded ears and is already showing a lot of muscle at only 3.5 months of age.



Sasquatch made his kitten debut in Austria - only a few days after his 4 month old birthday -    In 4 of the 8 rings, he received a "BEST KITTEN"!!!      


He went on to On Safari Europe at the Cats and Tulips show and received "Best Purrsonality, Best Head, Best Profile, Best Eyes" as a kitten -     You can see more on his webpage - just click on the link within his picture above.


Traipse Cats won BOTH Adult and Kitten Purrsonality awards this year!!     It really shows how much we like breeding for temperament and how we socialize our kittens and cats.\



Sass has currently been in 79 Finals and placed "Best Kitten"  15 times!!!!    He's truly amazing.

RW SGC Traipse Up the Drapes "Draper"

Brown Spotted Male

SBT 072214 021



Draper's name came from a show situation in which I got in trouble from Pam Barrett because my kittens had torn up my sheer drapes in my hotel room -   While I gladly paid the small fee for these, I felt like I was taken down to the principles office that day!     That was a few years ago when I was first starting to show and now we all have a good laugh about it!    So -  This name is a tribute to Pam :)       A breeder friend Chris at Savoy Bengals gave me this really great name!


Wouldn't you know it???   He's turned into a total "Draping Cat"!    You can hold him upside down, sideways, having him sitting like a buddha cat etc.     He'll let you do anything and is an absolute LOVE :)   


This boy has incredible length of body and build....  Adriana Kajon even finaled him at On Safari as her 6th best bengal and he was only 8 months old!!    Elaine Weitz has given him 3 Best Cats so far and one of them was his "final" for his Supreme title!   Thanks Elaine!!      Draper is going to be semi-retired from showing at this point to make room for Alamo to compete now that he's in the adult class and he can stay home and take care of a few of our queens.


Draper is already producing amazing kittens and his first litter has taken my breath away!    Stunning babies and super sweet personalities!     Thanks to Caitlyn for letting me use this boy while she owns and shows him this year :)      I really appreciate it!








GRC Traipse Femme Fatale - "Femme"

Brown Spotted Female -

SBT 073014 019




Thanks to Chris Jacobson for making this little girl of mine possible!!      Femme's sire is "Woody" who's known as the "winningest bengal in history"  -  You may know him by "Speakeasy Cowboy Casanova".     


This girl is just amazing...   Her chin is a very special trait -   really strong and well built.    Her eyes are wonderful and she has the boning and structure of a dense and strong female....     


SHe just became a Grand Champion in Olympia May 2015 and is so close to her Double that I'll be bringing her out to Chehalis the middle of June.

SGC Traipse was stung by Honey Bee "Honey"

Seal Mink Spotted Female

SBT 010815 024



This beautiful girl got her Supreme Grand Champion title in just 5 shows!!!    This is the beginning of the Big Mac offspring.


For a female, that's just ridiculously good :)        Honey is now retired from showing as her first litter was born on 2/9/15 -     She got pregnant the evening of the last cat show in Tucson!!!      (possibly the day after)

TRAIPSE Celestial Comet of Bengalivo

Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengal  "Snow" -   Male Cat


Three AB Finals at one of the European TICA shows the beginning of June....  10th, 7th and 3rd Best Cat!!   Later on in June, Ivonne took Comet to the UK where he was Best of Breed 11 times!   5 more finals to add to his resume :)


I was finally able to meet Ivonne in person when I travelled to Europe for a few shows....        Comet was shown at ON SAFARI EUROPE and became the BEST SNOW ADULT BENGAL as well getting "Best Adult PURRSONALITY".    Congratulations Ivonne and Comet!!       It was so great to see this boy again -   He's HUGE and reminds me so much of his mother Truffle -   He has her super soft coat :)




Traipse Chunky Monkey

Brown Marble Female

 SBT 021015 011



You can tell at first glance that this girl comes from the Chunky Moto line :)      She was only 4 month, 3 days at her first show and competed against 11 Bengal Kittens -   all of them older.


She still managed to get a 4th Best SH Kitten and a 5th Best AB Kitten!!    Such an amazing accomplishment for this un-spotted female.      We beleive that this is due to the muscular nature of the Moto line of cats as she feels incredibly well built for this age -


Congratulations Caitlyn!   

Traipse Diarmaid Faolan

Seal(Snow) Mink Spotted Male

 SBT 010815 TBD



This is the next generation "Big Mac"!     Faolan is from one of Big Mac's first litters -   He is the best male from the Zaz litter!!     (I've kept Honey Bee for myself).


He has an amazing pet, highest contrast possible in a  Snow and a clarity to his rosette pattern that is breathtaking.   Put this together with an incredible profile, small/med. rounded ears and beautiful eyes makes  a stud cat that should contribute nicely to Violette's breeding program.


Faolan competed against 11 bengal kittens (a total of 39 allbreed kittens) and was awarded "Best Bengal" twice and went on to win BEST KITTEN and 2nd BEST SH KITTEN from Judge Alex Chisholm!!!      I'm so thrilled with his comfort, personality and this acknowledgement of a high quality kitten:)


Faolan is owned by Violette Chan at Atistaldi Bengals and being raised at Traipse until he is about 10 months old when he'll be allowed to fly to Australia in accordance with their health regulations.   




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