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SHOW NEWS - 2014/2015

The TICA show year is from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015.     I have the Bengals in my own program in the top section and then my Client "Traipse Bengals" in the lower section!


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages -  just click the photo :)

RW SGC Traipse Mondo Macadamia - "Big Mac"    Snow/Seal Mink Spotted - Male Kitten


- BEST International TICA Snow Bengal for 2015!!!

- BEST Adult Male (all colors) at ON SAFARI 2015 (Breeders Choice)

- Spectators Choice - Sidney, BC

- Supremed in only 32 days


At the Sidney, BC show -  Big Mac GREATLY impressed the judges and the crowd!     This is the best he's done yet -    6 months old and he received 8 Finals at this show!       He even managed to climb up on Clint Knapp's Shoulders  and "Love upon" countless other judges :)      What a Schmoozer!  


At the Chehalis, WA show, I had more breeders compliment this boy -  He's not just stunning in his pattern and contrast but he has nice profile, medium ears, decent tail, strong body and SUPERB personality!    5+ times he was best kitten at the Chehalist show and finaled 3 times.


at only 4 months old, he managed to get 2 finals in Calgary...   They were only awarding the top 5 kittens out of the 20 shown.  

 At the Ferndale, WA show (still a kitten), he was awarded another 7 finals!      He now has over 3000 RW/IW points which places him at #3 in the kittens "year to date" -  7/22/14.      #2 is another Traipse kitten names "Crash" :)


Big Mac went on to do incredibly well as an adult -  He supremed in Calgary with 16 finals - 6 were "Best Cats"!!     32 days as an adult for this title -  Just wonderful.      He's now the 10th best Bengal Adult in TICA - as of  January 2015.



QGC Kanpur Morpheus Dreams of Traipse

Quadruple Grand Champion - 1/15 (only 9 mo old)


-MOST GLAMOROUS BENGAL - On Safari 2015 - Breeders Choice

-BEST ADULT BENGAL ROSETTES -  On Safari 2015 -  Breeders Choice

-6th BEST BENGAL -  On Safari 2015 - Judges Award




This boy is just amazing....   His coat is spectacular - so soft to the touch.    Incredible pattern with an inner shading that is beautiful to see.     Extremely strong contrast and clarity to the coat as well...   This is such an incredible "wild" trait when you compare it to an actual leopard or Jaguary pelt!!!     Just amazing.


Add in perfect Structure, small rounded ears, big eyes, rosetted tail....

 Well - You can see why this boy won 10 finals in Tucson Dec 2014 (against 8 bengal adults and 35 other cats!).    In January, he competed against 17 other very nice Bengals and took home 6 more finals as the 2nd best bengal at that show.



 Double Grand Champion - June 2014 (only 8 months old)


BEST SH CAT - Twice!!!!

from Laura Cunningham on 6/15/14 and from Rene Knapp on 6/22/14  (see the video above)


Tigress is now a Double Grand Champion with 11 Finals.   Her next show will be in Novi, MI where she will get her TGC (only needs 150 points) and hopefully her QGC!    She will most likely end her show career there as she'll be ready to have babies :)


As a kitten, Tigress showed in Calgary on 4/14 and was the best Bengal Kitten at the show.   4 Finals     all in the top 5 :)


Video above is Thanks to MaraImage, Dazzledots Bengals.     Thank you Mara for capturing her show personalilty as well as her physical beauty!



 TRAIPSE Cougar on Tiger Mountain


Shown twice as a kitten, she has 6 finals so far!!


Her adult career begins in LA, CA in January, 2015.    Wish us well!!  

TRAIPSE the troublemaking TOBI

Brown Spotted - Female Kitten


Tobi lives my friends Susan and Madison in Maple Valley.    This girl is a "show hopeful" as her sire is Moto and her dam Sparrow -  Both come from great lines.    


Tobi won Best BST Bengal in 6 of the 9 rings!    She even won a final (very hard to do as Big Mac was competeing)    Two Traipse Bengals were in a 5 kitten final!   


Tobi and Crash are full brother/sisters


We hope to breed her in 2015


TRAIPSE Crash into me of Speakeasy

Brown Spotted - Male Kitten

Grand Champion 11/14


2nd BEST BENGAL KITTEN ON TICA as of 7/22/14


Fabulous head shape with extremely wide nose and tiny rounded ears - just like his Daddy.   Huge/Solid boy with a unique pattern and Fabulous Personality!     1st show and he won 10 Finals -  Groton, CT!      2 - "Best Kittens", 2 - 2nd Best's etc...


Crash even got a BEST KITTEN at the ANNUAL in 9/2014!!!


Thanks to Chris and Gary for traipsing around the NE to show this boy for us....  Crash is now living back in Seattle with all of us here.


Crash is now a Grand Champion Adult!

Jungletrax Obsidian Onyx of Traipse

Charcoal Spotted- Female Bengal


Onyx is a stunning girl -   If the judges can get past her shyness, I think she'll really impress this June!


Onyx has the softess coat and a gorgeous thick/medium length tail.....   She comes from a RW TGC and a RW DGC so we are thrilled to have her join us.


Onyx received 2nd best Bengal - Twice as well as a 3rd Best Bengal at the show in Chehalis 06/14.


TRAIPSE Blown Away of Bengalivo aka:  "Storm"

Brown Spotted Bengal - Male Kitten


Storm lives with Ivonne in the Netherlands -   This was a hard boy to part with but I knew that he would be a great boy for Bengalivo!      Storm is a full brother to the 2013 "On Safari" -  Best Bengal Kitten and Best Bengal Rosettes :)      Gorgeous pattern combined with beautiful structure.


At his most recent show in Belgium - July, 2014, Storm won:   Best in Variety, Best in Show (kits 7-9 mo), Best of Breed and

BEST ALL OVER KITTEN (winning against 16 other "Best of Breed" kittens!)       You can see the awards he won above!       



At his show in June, 2014 -  Storm finaled 4 times in the Kitten category!!    4ths Best SH, 3rd Best AB, 2nd Best SH, and 2nd Best SH!      A really great start for a new boy in Europe:)




Champion TRAIPSE Thrice Hearted King

Brown Spotted - Male Bengal


Tripp now lives with Marita in Norway and she just started showing Tripp -


Trip won "BEST IN SHOW" at Saturday!!!! and Sunday, he was nominated to "Best in Show".     Tripp is now a CHAMPION :)


Thanks to Marita for keeping this boy is such great Show Shape and for getting him out to impress his new admirers -   Tripp is one of my all time favorites!

TRAIPSE Rubbled Jagger - AKA "Wilma"


Wilma now lives with Tripp and Marita in Norway and has been to a few shows....  She's doing a bit of overgrooming so she's not showing as well as we would like, but she's still getting a lot of positive reviews -


She just won "Judges Heart Cat" on Saturday from Judge Donatella Mastrangelo!      She is such a sweet girl!


Thanks Marita, for showing her off to the judges and people of Europe :)

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